Brigalow DALLAS Felt Covered Kids Hat

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The "Dallas" western hat is a fantastic budget felt hat alternative. The Dallas features a cattleman crown, 4" brim, and black ribbon hat band. Based on a regular straw hat with felt overlayed on top, the Dallas hat combines the best of both hats, with the sturdiness of a straw hat and the appearance of a far more expensive felt hat. Like a straw hat, the Dallas is strong and rigid and won't shrink with moisture like a felt hat will. The wire inside the edge of the brim allows you to be able to bend and shape the hat to your liking without steaming like a felt/fur hat. Kids individual sizes (leather sweat band): 50cm, 51cm, 52cm, 53cm, 54cm Kids One Size Fits All (elasticized sweat band) Small 52cm, Medium 55cm. The OSFA elasticized Small and Medium will grip to a smaller head up to a few sizes down. For example, a small 52cm OSFA will grip onto a size 50cm, 51cm, and 52cm head. A medium 55cm OSFA will grip onto a size 53cm, 54cm and 55cm head. The individual sizes with leather sweat bands will mold to the shape of your head after coming into contact with some moisture (usually sweat is enough to do the job). For an extra snug fit you can also add some our adhesive foam hat inserts underneath the sweat band.