Equinade Showsilk Hair Polish

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EQUINADE "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH produces a glorious gloss finish that can last for days. For use on a wet or dry coat, "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH reduces grooming time by helping to prevent staining and by repelling dust and dirt. After an application long-haired coats, manes and tails will be easily untangled and knots may be prevented from returning.

EQUINADE "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH contains a neutralizing anti-static agent to ensure hair lies smoothly to enhance the outline of your animal. The formulation also contains an optical brightening agent and is pH balanced so that your animal's coat will look soft, shiny and healthy.

EQUINADE "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH is available in a convenient 500ml bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle to assist in achieving an even coverage on your animal's coat. Refills of the non-toxic and gently fragranced "SHOWSILK" HAIR POLISH are available in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt recyclable bottles (the refill bottles do not come with a spray nozzle)