Felt Hat Care Kit

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  • Cleaning Sponge
  • 125mL Cleaning Spray
  • 125mL Rain & Stain protector spray


  • Cleaning Sponge: Brush the hat in an anti-clockwise direction with the foam pad DRY to remove any dust, loose nap and lint.
  • Cleaning Spray: Moisten the foam pad under a tap and squeeze excess water leaving the foam pad moist. Spray a light even coat to the surface. Using the moist foam pad brush the surface to that a light cleaning foam appears, without over-wetting the surface. Rinse the pad regularly during cleaning and wring out each time. Additional spray may be applied to heavily soiled areas followed by the cleaning action with the foam pad but to not press hard but relay on the soft cleaning action of the foam pad. Finish by brushing in an anti-clockwise direction.Rinse the pad clean, squeeze to remove excess water and wipe the surface again to remove remaining cleaner. Finish by wiping the surface dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Allow to completely dry naturally. When dry, apply felt hat rain and stain protector.
  • Rain and Stain Protector Spay: Contains a registered insect repellent. Shale well before use. When you hat is manufactured it may have had a water repellent applied which is removed by the cleaning process. It is recommended that you apply the rain and protector spray after the hat has completely dried. Two light coats are recommended for maximum protection. Do not apply excessively. Regular brushing with the foam pad to remove dust and loose nap will maintain the surface of the felt.