Tuff Rock Gastro Intestinal

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• TuffRock GI is manufactured from a unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals. Its gut acid stabilisers and gut toxin binders are beneficial for Gasto-Intestinal health.

• TuffRock GI offers the following benefits:
• it works naturally in the prevention of stomach ulcers caused by stress
• relieves gut stress with alkaline action to quickly normalise gut acid
• Acetic acid stabiliser assists with stress colic, and gently expels unwanted toxins, bacteria, and protein within the horse's manure
• collagen helps strengthen the stomach lining
• It's earthy taste makes it very palatable to horses, and it can be syringed over the tongue or added to feed.

• TuffRock recommends the use of GI to normalise gastric challenges, and to prepare the horse's gut for TuffRock Conditioner Plus, or EJF.